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I can distinctly remember the first time that I knew I had made the right decision to start a family photography business in Singapore.

I was sitting with Suellen, a mother of two daughters, showing her a slideshow of the photos I had taken of them. At the end of the slideshow she turned to me with tears welling up in her eyes and said to me “They’re so beautiful! I almost cried.”

Since that day she has been back to the photo studio a second time for another session and currently has a number of photos and canvases I’ve taken covering the walls at her home.

On the second occasion Suellen came to the studio to view her photos she commented that my style and technique had improved a lot since the first time. This particularly pleased me since I had worked hard to improve my skills; I had become a member of the Master Photographers Association in the UK and had achieved Associate Level status. I had also won a portrait photography award for this photo.

Thank you Suellen for choosing to work with me. My goal is to make everyone I photograph feel the same way you did when you first saw the photos of your daughters.



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