7 dresses and outfits – a little girl’s private fashion photo session

Most of the time my family and children photography sessions at the studio involve taking all combinations of family members; big group photos, mother & baby, grandparents & grandchildren etc.

Once in a while I get a session booked which is solely for the child, as was the case when Isabella came to the studio with her mum.

In our pre-session meeting we had gone through a lot of clothes and dresses for Isabella and narrowed down to 7 different outfits that we could try and capture. Somehow we managed to squeeze everything in, including 3 different backdrops and one or two photos with her baby brother.

Happy smiling girl at the studioChildren Photography at the studioChildren Photography - Korean dressGirl with baby brother at the studioHappy, smiling girl at the photo studioGirl in angel dress at the studioGirl in princess dress at the studioGirl in princess dress at the photo studioStrike a pose - little girl at the studio


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