Classical lighting: Newborn photography in Singapore

Being one of a number of baby photographers in Singapore, I’m always trying to think of ways that I can differentiate myself but at the same time still enjoy what I do. Recently I’ve been trying to apply a very classical style of studio lighting to my newborn photography, something you don’t see too often in Singapore. Simple poses of mother and baby or of father and baby can be beautiful under the right lighting conditions.

Kay and Adam came to the photo studio recently with their newborn girl. We started off with a few different lighting setups to try and get some beautiful classical photos before we had a quick change of backdrop and clothing for some more relaxed family photography shots.

Inevitably my favourite photographs from my baby photography sessions are those of mother and baby together and this photo session was no different. I hope you like the selection of photos below.

If you are thinking of booking me for a newborn photography session in Singapore please remember that I can also travel to your home, should you wish to capture some great photos in relaxed surroundings.

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