Displaying your photos in your home

I’m a great believer in displaying your children’s photographs in your home, whether it is wall pieces or framed prints on the sideboard. Nowadays I get so many potential clients just asking for the CD of digital images and each time my heart sinks a little bit. You just know these photos are forever going to sit on their iPad or computer without ever being printed out and displayed to their full potential. I still have wall prints up of my son when he was a few days old (he is now nearly 4 1/2). Every time I sit down in the living room I see them and it is a constant reminder of a very happy time in my life.

So, I was particularly pleased when Andrew and Jacqueline sent me the photograph below of 5 of the canvas prints they bought from me last year after their family photography session. I think they look great. Part of the reason I love what I do is because it gives a little bit of happiness to the people I photograph. There are so few jobs/careers around today where you actually have the opportunity to make people happy in their personal lives.


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