Rembrandt lighting: Family photography at home

Whenever I do a photo session at a client’s home I always look at which rooms have the best lighting conditions and try and structure the session in these rooms. So I got very excited on my pre-session visit to Debbie’s house when I saw the upper bedroom which had two beautiful skylights lighting up the room with natural soft light. You can see them in the first photo below. I immediately knew there was the chance of getting some very nice classical portraits of the family. The only light source in the photo of Debbie below is from these two skylights. If you look closely there is a triangle of light on Debbie’s left cheek. This is characteristic of Rembrandt lighting and is achieved by having the light source high and to the left of the camera.

The rest of the family were a pleasure to photograph. Some of my favourite photographs are below:

Family Photography SingaporeFamily Photography SingaporeChildren Photography SingaporeFamily Photography SingaporeChildren Photography Singapore


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