Framing Your Photos

No more hassle with trying to find frames for your prints; we now offer a full framing service for our clients.

Each session includes 2 free 7" X 5" framed prints.

We offer 3 different types of wall products; framed prints, canvases and the revolutionary edge print. For desk pieces we offer framed prints and alumini prints.

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our range of frames

Free Desk Prints

Your session fee includes 2 free 7" X 5" framed desk prints.

You can choose from 4 different frame styles and a total of 23 different colours.

Enough choice to suit any home decor.

Desk Prints

If you're looking to add more desk prints to your free ones then we've got even more choice for you.

Three sizes offered: 8" X 6", 10" X 8" and 12" X 10"

Choose from 5 different frame styles and a total of 34 different colours.

Wall Prints

We have one of the most extensive frame selections offered by any family photographer in Singapore. 

Our frame sizes range from 10" X 10" to 40" X 30"

Choose from 13 different styles of frames and over 60 colours

Desk Alumini

If you're looking for vibrant frames with photos that really pop then look no further than our framed desk alumini.

Available in sizes 8" X 6", 10" X 8" and 12" X 10"

Get the latest in high definition metal printing.

Edge Prints

For the ultimate wow factor for your wall piece, try our Edge Prints.

Metallic prints with a 2mm gloss acrylic finish.

Choose from 5 different edge finishes