Get 2 free headshots for your LinkedIn & Facebook profile when you book a family session at the studio

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Special Package: Get 2 free headshots for your LinkedIn/Facebook profile when you book a family photo session at the studio.

Chris came into the studio with his son for a Father’s Day shoot. At the end of the session he asked me if I could take a headshot of him for his LinkedIn page. You see, Chris has his own company, Black Marketing, specializing in creating and maintaining LinkedIn pages for individuals and corporates.

Apparently having a standout headshot photo on your LinkedIn page can significantly increase the number of people clicking through to it.

As can be seen from the lighting diagram, this is a two light setup in the studio. The key light is a Profoto Acute2 head through a large Octabank. Fill light comes from a smaller softbox (with Profoto head) behind the camera, set at 2 stops under the key light. The background is white paper, which turns to grey in the camera since Chris is standing about 3 metres from the back.


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