How To Make Photos Of Your Children Instantly Better

As parents we’ve all been there; our little one is looking or doing something cute and we want to take a quick photo of them in all their loveliness. You quickly turn on your phone/camera, point and shoot. A quick review of the photo and you know you got a good shot.

But what if we could make that photo 10 times better? What if we could change only ONE thing that would take only a FEW seconds to make the photo one that your friends and family would say “Oh wow!” to instead of “Cute!”

That one thing is as simple as changing the height from which you shoot at. It’s such an easy thing to do but it makes a world of difference.

The 3 images below are from a photoshoot I did at a client’s home a couple of years ago. The little girl was hiding down the side of a cool looking wooden cupboard and I knew it could be good for the making of some great shots of her.

The first photo I took of her was straight on, at her eye level…..not too bad a start.

I zoomed out for the second photo so that I could include more of the cupboard….a slightly cheekier smile but I don’t like the composition. Maybe I could crop that in closer in post production. Then I noticed the staircase on the right…..

I quickly ran up a few steps and played a game of peekaboo with the girl; shooting down from a high angle. She looked up at me laughing….got it! My best shot of the session.

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