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About Me

Do you know what the best thing is about my job? It's not the satisfication and happiness that I give families through my photographs (although that is a close second.) No, the best thing is the joy I get from looking at these photos time and time again and appreciating the beautiful lighting, the happy smiles or the fun posing. I can get the same sense of joy from a photograph many years after I have taken it. Think of your favourite movie scene that you never tire of watching over and over again....it's that sort of feeling. Except that I have hundreds of favourite photographs to choose from every day.

I appreciate good light. The soft, beautiful light you get around dawn or dusk for example (which is great for portraits btw.) I've tried to fit out the studio with the best lighting possible. When I first started out I used Elinchrom lighting and then a few years ago I upgraded to Profoto. The difference was amazing!  You may think one studio flash is like another...but it's not, trust me. You get such a radiant skin tone with Profoto lighting. I love my current lighting setup better than my camera!

I have a dry sense of humour (typically British). However, when I'm photographing young children in the studio, things can get a bit more slapstick. Some of the best smiles I've gotten from kids have been while I've been doing something embarrasingly stupid. 

My Achievements

I have achieved Associate Level status at The Master Photographers Association (UK) for this series of 20 family & children portraits

Winner - Master Photographers Association, Photographer Of The Year (Far East Convention) - 2012

Merit Award (Classical Portrait) - Master Photographers Association - 2014

Merit Award (Family Portrait) -Master Photographers Association - 2015

Singapore Tatler - Best Family/Portrait Photographer 2015

Merit Award (Classical Portrait) - Master Photographers Association - 2016

A few of my favourite photos

It's not often that I get father & child sessions booked at the studio. This photo I took of Shen Yuan and his son during their session has grown on me over time. It's a very natural and loving shot that looks great in black and white. You really get a sense of how close the two of them are.

This was a fun shot from a family session a few years ago. The dad was up for trying out a few different poses with his twin sons and this is the one that really stood out for me. 

They came back for another session last year and despite the boys being much bigger we still managed to create the same pose.

Did I mention that I love beautiful lighting? Well this is one of my favourite baby photos not only for the great lighting but also the way the baby is looking straight at the camera with such a natural smile. I always try and get a shot like this for babies that have just started crawling.

During one of my newborn sessions I was very fortunate to be able to photograph these 4 generations of women from the same family. I asked them all to wear black clothes because I really wanted the baby to pop out from the photo. 

This is one of the photos I have hanging up on the studio wall.