Simulating a window lit portrait in the studio

The photograph of Maia below looks like it was shot against a window. In fact the sheer curtain she is standing against has been pulled across the middle of the studio (effectively cutting the studio in half) and I’ve placed a large 1.90m Octabank light behind it. In front of Maia I placed two large 4 ft x 8ft white foam boards to reflect light from the Octabank back onto her. She is also lit partially from the front by real window light about 6 feet behind the foam boards. The Octabank light has been set so that there is still some detail left showing in the curtain.

Once the setup is done, it is just then a matter of playing the “running through the curtain” game with Maia.

This is one of my favourite shots from the session, along with the first one of her baby sister below.

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